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Tuba Tim: I think I’m gonna the next time you go back I’ll meet y’all in the morning and then I’ll meet ya guys there at lunch time for dinner and then we will go get some stuff
Dr J: Friday I'm In Love - The Cure
Dr J: Tim what are you on
Tuba Tim: great song, but it’s WEDNESDAY my dude
Dr J: those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future
Anon16031: Beautifully said
Dr J: by JFK, yes I agree
Tuba Tim: just got out the movie and then I’m heading home now I’m sorry but I’ll see you guys at the first time and then go get a good night call camp and see ya next time I’m in town
Dr J: alright
Dr J: Fixing A Hole - The Beatles
Anon16031: Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald?
Dr J: if we have time at the end, then yes, and I'd say probably yes
Tuba Tim: next weekend I’ll meet y’all at home and then we will go meet up with them and see if there’s something going on with the girls and if y’all want me I’ll call ya see if there’s something you wanna do we have mail it and I’ll do the stuff for dinner tonight and then go home
Dr J: are these texts from your dad
Tuba Tim: I’ll be
Dr J: Invisible Touch - Genesis
Tuba Tim: back in the next day or two thanks again for the next week
Tuba Tim: good song
Dr J: any time
Tuba Tim: Service I guess is a great idea but it seems like that I am not a fan but it’s not really close to my back table so I’m going well I’m gonna is it to be like a mom or something and then we will go back and meet her at dinner time for dinner and dinner dinner at dinner and dinner dinner with dinner dinner or something or dinner dinner or whatever
Dr J: Get Down On It - Kool & The Gang
Tuba Tim: Shambala by Three Dog Night
Dr J: Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald - Gordon Lightfoot
Anon16031: Thank you!
Dr J: you
Dr J: got
Dr J: it
Dr J: boss
Dr J: Just A Song Before I Go - Crosby, Stills & Nash
Tuba Tim: not as good as last week
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