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campephilus: I WAS THINKING of drawing her
campephilus: i wanba see
campephilus: YAY WORMS
campephilus: loveing claire's voice
campephilus: Worrrm
Turn The Lights Off: she does sound rather bored throughout the entire piece
campephilus: stop Oh, Charlesing me
campephilus: "WWWHHHWHWHWHB"
campephilus: yes, falling, holes, common themes indeed
campephilus: OH WORMS
campephilus: zzz
Turn The Lights Off: gnight!
Anon17273: Too afraid to go to bed now. THANKS OBAMA!
Turn The Lights Off: the ending of that one is odd because it goes back and forth between "genuinely disturbing" and "ha ha he said the word Worms too many times it's lost all meaning"
Turn The Lights Off: you're welcome, Obama
campephilus: afraid of a little worm, anon?
Turn The Lights Off: a little squeamish? A little squirmish?
Turn The Lights Off: a little sq-worm-ish, perhaps?
campephilus: why-thank-you ha he ha
Turn The Lights Off: boy that's the best emoji
Anon17304: Technical difficulties right now, folks.
Anon17304: sad Apologies! The show may have to be postponed.
campephilus: :0
Anon17589: How would I join the radio team?geek
Anon17595: elections were last night! but anyone’s free to show up to exec board meetings tuesdays @ 4
Anon17626: Can you guys play some lil pump
Anon17699: Hi douvard!
Anon17736: flower
Anon17775: When will the radio station be fixed!?
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