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0067: there ya go
Ben R: i can
Ben R: I can't hear anything
Ben R: is it just me?
DJ Dan: Welcome to Morning Coffee everyone!
Anon5524: Way younger than your momsmile
Zylon: Gavin!
Gavin: Good day
Zylon: Who am I
Gavin: A child
Zylon: Nope a big boy
Gavin: Oh I bet
Zylon: Play your dubstep edm earrape for me
Zylon: better be some cash cash
Zylon: Feature zylon
Gavin: May or may not be some cash cash
Gavin: There were a bunch of new releases this week that I want to try and get in
Anon5538: Play something good, nerds.
Anon5539: I agree with the later statement by by colleague Anon
Anon5608: Heeeeyyyy!!
Anon5608: Tell her
Anon5608: It's aunt Donna
DJ JSF and DJ MOM: yooo
DJ JSF and DJ MOM: yooooo
Anon5608: Gma is here too
Anon5608: Lmao!
Anon5612: Heather and Emy are here!
Jackson Levi: Welcome to the Blab Lab.
Jackson Levi: HEELLLLLOOOOO people! If you are listening speak up (with yo twitter fingas!)
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