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Gisele and Tom: We agree!
Anon13820: Musical Bliss right here
DJ James Ultimate Fan: I think I just saw Gronk dancing down my street.
DJ James: speaking of GOATs...
DJ James: David Bowie - Space Oddity
Anon13820: OMG
Anon13820: First Bowie song played here
Anon13820: just sayin
Gisele and Tom: You are in my will forever DJ. heart heart heart
DJ James Ultimate Fan: My favorite Bowie song! Excellent!
Favorite Tia: DJ, you are the best! heart heart heart
Anon13820: I wonder if this is still playing in the tesla with major Tom
DJ James Ultimate Fan: Someone has a great memory(#13820).
DJ James: Thought you guys might like this songcool
Anon13814: Good choice for song 12
Favorite Tia: Favorite nephew, you are always #1. Thanks for the ride. It's been awesome. Godspeed.
Anon13820: What a musical journey you have taken us on
Anon13820: thank you thank you
Anon13820: Going out with Bowie is perfect
Gisele and Tom: Nothing but respect. GOAT to GOAT. Thanks for all you do.
Anon13820: Stay Golden DJ James
Anon13814: good luck in your next endeavor
Anon13820: facebook too
DJ James Ultimate Fan: Thanks much for so many awesome songs DJ! This last one was wonderful. Goodbye here Dj!!
Anon13821: Nailed it ... Thanks!!
DJ James: Thank you all for makign the show possible! This was one of the highlights of college for me! I'l post links to and the email belowcool
DJ James: email for updates:
Anon14903: He zip-it
Anon15083: devil
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