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DJ James: Built to Spill - You Were Right
DJ James: Frank Ocean - Slide on Me
Anon13669: Hes got such a smooth voice
DJ James: Probably my favorite singer currently working
DJ James: The Strokes - 12:51
DJ James: Alice in Chains - Brother
DJ James: Jets to Brazil - Chinatown
Anon13669: New Band?
DJ James: Quality late 90s indie rock. I actually played one of their songs last week.
Anon13673: Love this group. Thanks DJ!
DJ James: The Flying Burrito Brothers - Wheels
DJ James: Its what I do. Sweet Avenue was the Jets to Brazil song I played last week BTWcool
DJ James: Alex Turner - Stuck on the Puzzle
Anon13676: Check out Emmylou Harris's version of Wheels sometime DJ.
DJ James: I'll give it a listencool
DJ James: David Bowie - The Width of a Circle
Anon13676: heart in-love
Anon13674: Bowie has a lot of good guitars but not sure if he ever played it
Anon13669: nice riff
DJ James: Yeah I think he could play guitar, just not as well as Mick Ronson
Anon13669: Wow DJ
Anon13676: That is how you end a show. Great one too.
Anon13673: Hwie to end up another awesome
Anon13669: We Liked It
Anon13673: Bowie to end another awesome show. Disregard the message above.laugh-big
Anon13669: Do It !!!
Anon13674: Good show dr dj
Anon13673: I would love to keep hearing The Good Stuff! Thanks DJ!
DJ James: Thank you all for listening. Be sure to tune in next week for the final episode. Got a special show plannedcool
Anon13694: Somebody Once Told me..
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