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Turn The Lights Off: a little sq-worm-ish, perhaps?
campephilus: why-thank-you ha he ha
Turn The Lights Off: boy that's the best emoji
Anon17304: Technical difficulties right now, folks.
Anon17304: sad Apologies! The show may have to be postponed.
campephilus: :0
Anon17589: How would I join the radio team?geek
Anon17595: elections were last night! but anyone’s free to show up to exec board meetings tuesdays @ 4
Anon17626: Can you guys play some lil pump
Anon17699: Hi douvard!
Anon17736: flower
Anon17775: When will the radio station be fixed!?
Anon17827: hi
Anon18079: hello
Anon18079: Waited according to schedule to try and listen
Anon18079: not even the crickets are chirping!
Anon18092: zip-it laugh-bigminishock devilcool heart angel geek zzz total-shock
Anon18092: meow sillytease gift
Anon18137: yooo
Anon18137: AK GANG representing
Anon18137: AK GANG is a fan of WWPI!
Anon18136: ak gang
Anon18166: Foise4Life
Anon18167: CC Best C
Anon18193: No 80's rock tonight??
BagelTimeChancellor: Free Hot Coco in the Morning
Anon18301: ligma
Anon18301: zip-it
Anon18399: hey guys, it's ya boi
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