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Anon12744: Very appropriate for our "Spring"
Anon12749: now we are talking or rocking devil
DJ James: Was gonna play last week, but got snowed out, unfortunately song is still relevant
Anon12744: Yes it is.. Me likes the Rocking Good Stuff
Anon12745: Haha couldn't play the song last week cause of snowed out. Ironic.
Anon12747: "unfortunately relevant" lol
Anon12744: Snowblind got Snowed Outlaugh-big
DJ James: Joy Division - Twenty Four Hours
Anon12747: Really Good Good Stuff here tonight.
Anon12749: way under rated band
DJ James: Definitely, it does seem like their cult following keeps growing at least
DJ James: MGMT - Days That Got Away
Anon12744: what does MGMT stand for?
DJ James: Wasn't actually sure, apparently their original name was The Managment, so its just a shortening of that I assume
Anon12745: This has been another excellent choice of songs tonight!smile
DJ James: I aim to pleasecool
DJ James: David Bowie - Quicksand
Anon12747: One of my favorites ever!
Anon12744: Never heard this but I love it
DJ James: Can't go wrong with Bowie
Anon12747: Hunky Dory album. Pure awesomeness.
DJ James: Dinosaur Jr do a pretty cool cover of it too
DJ James: Car Seat Headrest - Bodys
Anon12745: I know I can always hear a David Bowie song here -some I never heard before!
Anon12744: DJ You certainly made up for lost weeks with this shownot-one-care
Anon12747: Five star show tonight!
Anon12744: Thank You!!!
Anon12745: Thanks DJ!! Great show as usual.
Anon12749: good show mr dj
DJ James: Glad you guys enjoyed the tunes! I'll be back next week with more of the Good Stuff!cool
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